Guy Sedan

I graduated, with distinction,  from the four-year study program of Medisin School of Complimentary Medicine in Tel-Aviv. My studies included anatomy, physiology and other aspects of Western medicine and also acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs and Tuina (Chinese therapeutic Massage).

Even before this course of study, I became a student of Prof. Guan Zeng, of Jinan China, who is a Tuina master specializing in orthopedic conditions.

I specialize in treating pain and insomnia

I hold a B.Sc degree in computer science from the Hebrew university of Jerusalem.

I also work at:

 I have been teaching Tai chi in Jerusalem since 2007.

While I used to devote some evenings to other interests such as the tango, the birth of my son has changed things. My wife is a nursery school teacher